Top of the Big 12 - Huskers vs Aggies This Weekend

The two top teams of the Big 12 meet this weekend when the #1 Texas A&M Aggies come into Lincoln this weekend to face #2 Nebraska. Given where these two teams are and how they're playing, something has to give:

- Nebraska is 26-2-1 at home, having won their last 14 of 15.
- Texas A&M is 10-2 away from home this year and has won nine straight road games for the first time since 1989. The Aggies have won 24 of their last 26.
- The Aggies have swept five consecutive conference series (Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Baylor, Missouri) for the first time in school history.
- Texas A&M is leading nearly every offensive stat in the Big 12. Nebraska... isnÕt even close. (see below)
- NebraskaÕs pitching is better than Texas A&MÕs, but not by much (below).
- Both teams have good pitchers, and good depth.

All of this stacks up to be one heckuva series. 

The series will be a good indication of where the Huskers stack up with regards to post-season play. There are a number of different scenarios that will come out of this weekend:

- If we somehow sweep Texas A&M, we control our destiny. We can win the Big 12 by winning the series against Mizzou and we'll probably get a national seed (host a Super Regional).

- If we win the series, we'd need to sweep Missouri and have Texas win their series against A&M to win the Big 12. The possibility of a national seed is there dependent upon how we do in the Big 12 tourney.

- If we lose the series, we cannot win the Big 12, and most likely will not get a national seed. Oklahoma State has a chance to catch us in the Big 12 race.

- If we get swept, we won't have a shot at winning the Big 12. We'll still host a regional, but probably have lost a chance at a national seed.

Projected Starting Pitchers

Nebraska Texas A&M
Friday RH Johnny Dorn (5-1, 2.69 ERA) LH Brooks Raley (6-0, 3.70 ERA)
Saturday - G1 RH Thad Weber (8-2, 4.28 ERA) RH Barret Loux (4-1, 4.28 ERA)
Saturday - G2 RH Aaron Pribanic (3-3, 4.16 ERA) RH Clayton Ehlert (6-2, 2.82ERA)

Offensive Stats
Batting Average Slugging % On Base %
1. Texas A&M 0.328 1. Texas A&M 0.535 1. Texas A&M 0.429
7. Nebraska 0.271 8. Nebraska 0.392 6. Nebraska 0.363
Runs Scored Hits RBI's
1. Texas A&M 185 1. Texas A&M 247 1. Texas A&M 174
6. Nebraska 126 8. Nebraska 187 6. Nebraska 119
Homers Total Bases Total Plate App
1. Texas A&M 33 1. Texas A&M 402 2. Texas A&M 914
8. Nebraska 14 8. Nebraska 270 10. Nebraska 824
At Bats Walks Hit By Pitch
3. (tie) Texas A&M 752 2. Texas A&M 102 1. Texs A&M 39
10. Nebraska 689 8. Nebraska 75 2. Nebraska 30
Stolen Bases
2. Nebraska 23
6. Texas A&M 18
Pitching Stats
Team ERA Opp Batting Avg Strike Out
2. Nebraska 4.21 2. Nebraska 0.266 1. Nebraska 184
3. Texas A&M 4.29 4. Texas A&M 0.274 4. Texas A&M 161
Walks Allowed Homers Allowed Wild Pitches
2. Texas A&M 65 1. Nebraska 11 1. (tie) Nebraska 14
4. Nebraska 75 2. Texas A&M 14 7. Texas A&M 12
Hit Batters
4. Texas A&M 25
10. Nebraska 16
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