2008 Nebraska Spring Game Rosters Announced - Who Will You Be Watching?

Ooooooooh... the Spring Game team rosters have been announced. You can find them by uniform order at Huskers.com, below I've put them in order by position - thought that might be more useful.

Red Team Roster
White Team Roster
No. Name Pos. 22 Anthony West CB
14 Anthony Blue CB 28 Eric Hagg DB
5 Armando Murillo CB 27 Ryan Ford DB
21 Prince Amukamara DB 18 Shawn Sullivan DB
24 Adam Watson DB 99 Barry Turner DE
39 Lance Thorell DB 88 Clayton Sievers DE
75 Luke Lingenfelter DE 80 David Harvey DE
85 Faron Klingelhoefer DE 94 Jared Crick DE
89 Jonathon Santin DE 47 William Yancy DE
95 Pierre Allen DE 74 Taylor Escamilla DL
98 Zach Potter DE 93 Ndamukong Suh DT
92 Tyrone Fahie DL 56 Shukree Barfield DT
63 Ben Martin DT 43 Ty Steinkuhler DT
90 Terrence Moore DT 41 Aaron Gillaspie FB
97 Kevin Dixon DT 45 Justin Makovicka FB
36 Thomas Lawson FB 31 Austin Jones IB
37 Kevin Thomsen FB 19 Quentin Castille IB
48 Tyler Legate FB 10 Roy Helu Jr. IB
5 Marlon Lucky IB 12 Blake Lawrence LB
27 Kenny Wilson IB 34 Cody Glenn LB
32 Marcus Mendoza IB 54 Colton Koehler LB
23 Latravis Washington LB 30 Mike Hays LB
41 Thomas Grove LB 31 Nick Covey LB
42 Joseph Camarata LB 82 T.J. O'Leary LS
52 Phillip Dillard LB 69 Cory Iske OL
53 Tyler Wortman LB 73 D.J. Jones OL
57 Jeff Sayre LB 67 Jacob Hickman OL
56 Justin Baumgartner LS 72 Jaivorio Burkes OL
58 Mike Caputo OL 61 Mike Huff OL
66 Cruz Barrett OL 71 Mike Hasin OL
68 Keith Williams OL 65 Mike Smith OL
70 Matt Slauson OL 20 Adi Kunalic PK
76 Lydon Murtha OL 37 Jake Wesch PK
78 Marcel Jones OL 16 Jim Ebke QB
54 Max McShane OT 2 Patrick Witt QB
97 Dan Titchener P 3 Zac Lee QB
90 Alex Henery PK 8 Austin Cassidy S
7 Kody Spano QB 4 Larry Asante S
12 Joe Ganz QB 36 Matthew May S
15 Beau Davis QB 33 Matt O'Hanlon S
3 Rickey Thenarse S 46 Ben Tasa TE
6 Major Culbert S 89 Hunter Teafatiller TE
44 Mike McNeill TE 80 Ryan Hill TE
49 Dreu Young TE 85 Tyson Hetzer TE
88 Jay Martin TE 1 Chris Brooks WR
4 Menelik Holt WR 24 Niles Paul WR
11 Curenski Gilleylen WR 17 Todd Peterson WR
83 Matt Donahue WR 82 Wes Cammack WR
87 Nate Swift WR 8 Will Henry WR
88 Ben Lester WR 84 Xavier Rucker

Looks like a pretty even split to me.

Darren over at BRN says he'll be watching the quarterbacks, or more specifically, the backup quarterbacks. He'll be in luck as Lee and Witt will split time on the White team.

As for me, I'll probably spend most of my time watching the offensive and defensive lineman. Same old story, the other guys get all the glory, but those guys do all the work.

I have to ask....

Who will you be watching at the Spring Game?
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