Nebraska - Oklahoma Basketball Game Day Thread! Beat the Sooners!

Opponent: Oklahoma 18-9 (6-6)

Date: Feb. 27, 2008 | 7:00 p.m.

Listen:Huskers Sports Network, Satellite Radio: Nebraska broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 143
TV: None
Webcast: None
Opponent's Blog: Crimson and Cream Machine
Arena: Lincoln, Nebraska (13,595)

Please use this thread to discuss the Nebraska - Oklahoma basketball game or any other games you might be watching (or listening to) today.

I had hoped to do a full preview of the game, but alas, something called work interfered. Or maybe it was the children, specifically the oldest one as I attended an orientation meeting about him going into high school, picking a career and getting into college. As we went through the meeting, the counselor at one point said "This idea that you find yourself in your junior year of college? Those days are gone." He then later pointed out that his daughter has $150k of college debt (she's a dentist) and right then and there I decided that my oldest son is going to be a welder.

I don't know if you can get many jobs as a welder, but the schools don't take nearly as long and they're a lot cheaper than these high falootin' universities these days. He keeps asking about a 'fine arts' high school. If you have any ideas on what you think would be a wise career choice for him, I'd love to hear them. Please, nothing about being a lawyer or investment banker.

Besides, finding a job is his problem, not mine. Anyway, that's where my mind has been since last night, I apologize for not having it on the important things in life like Husker basketball.

Freshman point guard and floor general Cookie Miller will miss this game with a severe shoulder sprain. I've always thought that a severe sprain would be worse than a dislocation, but guess what! I'm wrong! SB Nation blog Conquest Chronicles' Dr. Jim provides all the information you need to know about shoulder sprains, or tears, whether they're a class I, II, III or you have to have your arm lopped off.

Crimson and Cream Machine has given us a clue about what Nebraska needs to do to win this game.

  • Without much comment and because I'm running behind and still at work, here are things like your leaders and overall statistics from each team.

Beat the Sooners! Yay us!

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