Gifts for A Husker Christmas


Christmas is coming!

If you’re like me, then you’ll wait up until the last possible moment when everything is gone and then end up with a crappy present for your loved one(s), disappointing them yet again.

After the jump I have a bunch of recommendations you can use for your college football and/or Husker fan for the upcoming holiday season.

If you've been around Corn Nation even a little, you're aware that I read and review books, especially anything to do with Nebraska football. With regards to that:

Mike Babcock's Husker Football Vault has to be the coolest Husker football book to date. Chock full of history and souvenirs, you can't go wrong with giving it to your favorite Husker football fan.

If you happen to be going to one of those "mixed" households where there are fans from different schools, then you might want to bring along a copy of The College Football Book by Sports Ilustrated. Wonderful photography, inexpensive, and will give everyone something to do. Might even start some arguments!

Jason Peter's Hero of the Underground is the compelling story of Peter's football life and recovery from drug addiction. It's raw, but it's one of those you're not going to put down.

If you're looking for some college football history, I'd recommend Gary Andrew Poole's The Galloping Ghost - Red Grange, An American Football Legend. Detailed research, an interesting look at the birth of professional football and the life of Red Grange.

Asgard Press has vintage calendars for a large number of college football teams (including Nebraska, of course!) Under $20, a gift that will last all year. The link will give you 10% off.

A sports merchandise website called BigFlySports gave CN a free shipping code to pass on to Corn Nation readers. They specialize in NCAA Merchandise and they have a fair amount of Nebraska Gear. To get the discount, simply enter the promotional code CORNHUSK and the free shipping will be applied. Be sure to take a look in the Tailgate Equipment section.  Take a look and if you find something you like, don't forget the to enter CORNHUSK for your free shipping.

Finally, if you're looking for something unique and you'd like to support Corn Nation, you can pick up a Corn Nation Baseball Cap for $20 plus $4.95 shipping. These feature an embroidered Cobby logo on the front, and blatant "" advertising embroidered on the back. If you're interested in one (or more) of these, I need you to contact me at cornnation at and I'll arrange payment and shipping.


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