Ron Brown comment bugs me.....

Maybe it's because I'm a little tired and cranky, but Ron Brown's comments at the Big Red Breakfast bug me.

While the Nebraska running game has admittedly struggled, Brown cautioned fans not to be too critical of the offensive line and not to judge the offense solely based on statistics.

Some of Nebraska’s pass plays are the equivalent of runs, just as in the 1990s, NU’s option plays were not entirely unlike passes.

 In other words, don't talk about the offensive line. In fact, don't talk about the football team. And the whole option is not unlike passing comment... didn't we hear that in the 1,000 introductions to the West Coast Offense when the last coaching staff arrived? Did he miss that?

Earlier Brown in the article made this comment:

“When babies come out, you’ve got some signs that this might be a human being someday,” Brown said, prompting laughter from those gathered at the weekly Big Red Breakfast.

“When the baby gets fed and nurtured, you’re going to have an identity. But until then, every step along the way, you’ve got to congratulate that baby and encourage that baby and caution that baby to never stop trying. “When you start losing football games, because the world defines success by wins and losses, that’s when kids start letting down."

I have an idea, Coach Ron. Don't make anologies about nurturing toddlers when you're talking about fully grown adult men who smash themselves into each other while playing a brutal, violent game. It's like when some player's mother somewhere decides she needs to speak for her son - it only makes the player look like a... well, a baby.

Am I making too much of this? Maybe he could have used a different analogy, oh, I don't know, like GROWING CORN or something?


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