Monday Morning Coffee

Blair Kerkhoff presents a piece where he ranks the Big 12 by position. I find some of his positional stuff a little odd.

At quarterback, he has Nebraska seventh. Seventh. Behind Kansas State's Josh "Chub" Freeman. Behind Bobby Reid at Okie State. Behind Texas Tech, which I can understand if you're solely measuring by yardage. But seventh? Wow.

At running back, he ranks the Huskers ahead of Texas which is surprising unless he's thinking along the lines that I am - Texas will have problems running the ball again this year due to their offensive line. Offensive line - we're third behind the Aggies and the Sooners. I agree with that. The offensive line looks better than it has in years and will be a huge key to our success in 2007.

Linebackers we're obviously first, and in the secondary he ranks us third, which I found surprising. Special teams we're at seventh. That's understandable. We don't know much about who the starting kicker will be due to Congdon's transfer, and we only have one punter, Dan Titchener on the roster. Big question marks there.

When you read this article about the defensive line, one point that stuck out at me:

But not one of the four is a senior.

That's cool by me. We keep hearing good things about the defensive line. I hope they're true because if they are we'll have a complete defense for the first time in years. If the front four can hold up, the linebackers can roam free and the secondary won't need to pull up for run support. That's a huge difference from last year. Huge.

I watched some NFL preseason football this weekend. I don't have near the passion for the NFL that I used to. Probably it comes from raising three kids and wanting to spend time with them. Imagine that. Or maybe it's the way the NFL passing game has turned into basketball. Don't touch the receivers. Don't even glare at them. I hate it. I watched the Oakland - Arizona game Sunday night on the NFL network, in which there was a roughing the passer call for "landing full weight on the quarterback." This is football, isn't it? They've made it nearly impossible to stop an offense with this crap.

I was hoping to see Matt Leinart get run over. And Daunte Culpepper suck, which he did in fumbling his first snap. Watched the Vikings play St. Louis on Friday night just to see Adam Carriker cause disturbance, which he did. I think I can root for the Rams again just because of him. Brandon Jackson had an impressive NFL debut.

I don't get this headline: "Can Weis shock world again?", regarding Charlie Weis at Notre Dame.

I like Notre Dame, but I can't stand Charlie Weis. How the hell did he shock the world the first time, by getting his ass pounded in last year's Sugar bowl? By having a perennially sucky defense? The Irish are going to wholly suck this season. I'll be participating the in blogpoll this season, and I've already submitted a ballot. I have Notre Dame ranked at #25 for one sole reason. I'm going to enjoy removing them from my ballot after they lose their first game to Georgia Tech.

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