Loss to Kansas State - Ejections Galore and Bad Officiating

Nebraska lost to Kansas State last night 5-1. It was a poorly played game on Nebraska's part with five errors. If there weren't enough the game was filled with controversy. Unfortunately, the controversy overshadows a brilliant performance by KSU's Brad Hutt who pitched eight innings, giving up only three hits.

Charlie Shirek started for the first time since March, which I think is a brilliant move by Mike Anderson. Shirek needs to be back in the game - if we're going to get far in the NCAA tourney, we're going to need all the pitching we can get.

More on that controversy. This from Husker Extra:

After Abeita was hurt in the sixth inning when he was knocked from his feet by a sliding Jordan Cruz, NU coach Mike Anderson and assistant Andy Sawyers were ejected. Two innings later, relief pitcher Steve Edlefsen, first baseman Andrew Brown and volunteer assistant Justin Seely were tossed after Edlefsen plunked Eli Rumler in the back with a 0-2 curveball after he’d walked Cruz.

Abeita was slid into after getting a force out at home and then trying to throw to first to make a double play. He was a full eight feet away from the plate when the KSU player slid into him. He came away from the play injured with cleat marks above his knee and a bruised bone in his ankle. It'll be doubtful that he'll play against Texas. I haven't found a video online of the play, but when we do, we'll be sure and post it.

Sounds like interference is the right call to me, but that wasn't the call that was made. I saw some horrific umpiring at the Baylor series, so I have to wonder about the Big 12 officials that were involved.

Bottom line, we have:

  • Mike Anderson - ejected
  • Andy Sawyer - ejected
  • Andrew Brown - ejected
  • Steve Edelfsen - ejected after hitting a batter in the back. There's no indication that it was intentional, but both teams were warned about retaliation. How you rule that a pitcher is intentionally throwing at a batter with a 1-2 count is beyond me, and now Edelfsen faces a four-game suspension.
  • Justin Seely - ejected.

The ejections didn't cause KSU to win the game - they were winning the game anyway. However it does point to an umpire that lost control of the game.

All four teams in poll one have one loss, so let's think about that for a minute. Here's the status of pool one for Saturday:

  • If Texas and A&M win, Texas A&M advances since they beat Texas
  • If Texas and Kansas State win, Texas advances due to Texas having beaten the Wildcats
  • If Nebraska and A&M win, Texas advances due to Nebraska beating Texas
  • If Nebraska and Kansas State win, Kansas State advances since they beat Nebraska

Wild stuff, eh?

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