A Fickell Person?

Just kinda looking around the country at prospective new head coaches for the Cornhuskers.  One's attention has to turn to Luke Fickell, the linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator for thee Ohio State Buckeyes.

I like Luke Fickell because he has a defensive background and I firmly believe Nebraska's next head coach should be very defensivly minded.

According to his bio on

Luke Fickell is in his sixth year on the Ohio State coaching staff. He coaches the Buckeyes linebackers and is co-defensive coordinator. He was named to the latter position in April of 2005. In that role, he is actively involved in game planning and strategy.
Fickell is a Columbus native (DeSales High School) and a 1997 graduate of Ohio State, where he was a four-year starter at nose guard. After a year on the injured reserve list with the New Orleans Saints and a year at Ohio State as a graduate assistant under John Cooper, Fickell officially launched his coaching career at the University of Akron. He spent two years as the Zips' defensive line coach before returning to his alma mater following the 2001 season.

During his first two years at Ohio State, Fickell was in charge of the special teams and assisted with the defensive front. He took over the linebackers prior to the start of the 2004 campaign, while retaining his role with the special teams.

Fickell like Peilini, is young. He is only 34 years old.  He has helped guide OSU's quiet climb up to the number one ranking in the nation. They are  #4 in Rushing Defense,#1 in Pass Defense,#1 in Total Defense, and #1 in Scoring Defense allowing an amazing 8.9 points per game!  Somebody tell me how you score .9 points in a game!  Not to mention the OSU Defense has a third down conversion rate agains opposing offenses at  29.7%.  
Pelini's LSU defense ranks 3rd in rushing, 4th in passing, 2nd in total defense and 5th in scoring defense.

Don't get me wrong, I still have the man crush on Bo Pelini, but Fickell looks like a solid choice for any Athletic Director looking for a head coach.  I think I would be just as happy about having Fickell as head football coach as I would Pelini.

On a personal note his bio says

Luke and his wife, Amy, have four children: Landon (3/2/02) and Luca (12/17/04) and twins who were born in January of 2006.

I know I can't speak for anyone else but I think Fickell is a guy we all can get revved up about!

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