Mizzou - Nebraska Post Game Over Reaction

I suppose like most of you, I didn't get to watch the first 14 points. I was very upset, but little did I know that ESPN was saving me and my family a full hour of pain.

  • Bill Callahan's offense scored six points against Missour's defense. Six. Not a touchdown. Six friggin' points.  Div IAA Illinois State scored 17 points against them. What more needs to be said?
  • No fire, no passion, nothing from this team. Barely a pulse. Missouri is good on offense. We knew that. We didn't know how badly we'd look - how badly we'd play. Look for more losses this year. Many more. This is a lost team.
  • The offensive line should be embarrassed. Illinois State rushing yardage: 155. Nebraska: 74.


  • If you think booing is bad, think again. Now you're laughingstock. Not a single defensive teammate folllowed captain Zach Bowman's lead in playing without a blackshirt. Tongiht my neighbor (not a native Nebraskan nor an alum, a Minnesotan) screamed "these blackshirts need to get their shit together!". I said to him "We don't call them that anymore".
  • When a guy resigns that's your chief fundraising guy, he's not just some guy that can be easily replaced. He's not a turd you can flush down a toilet and that's what we were asked to do this week.
  • Steve Pederson needs to be fired before he can do any more damage. Or maybe resign for 'personal reasons'.
  • For that matter, if Kevin Cosgrove is here next year, where is the hope in Nebraska football? Where?
  • I used this game as a teaching moment for my 11-year old daughter to tell her I never want her to play with this little of passion or heart. Play sports. Enjoy it.  If you don't want to be there, then don't bother going on the field. Oh wait. She's not 40. And she's not a man. And yet, I don't think the point is lost on her. Tonight, I didn't feed her chicken. She had venison stew - meat from a deer I shot last season. She got up and fed herself after I cooked it. Had two bowls. Got them by herself.

Imagine that.

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