From Beyond The Corn

I had a couple of things I wanted to mention with this here diary.

  1. I want to say again, that after getting to know the Nebraska fanbase much better since I'm marrying a Husker-born beauty next week, and reading this blog on a whim since it's about a conference rival,  you guys have earned that title as the Greatest Fans in College Football. While I don't agree with any arguments about one fanbase being ruder than another, since every fanbase has jackasses, and all sorts of people do horrible stuff to visiting fans on gameday, you guys are smart, fair, passionate, and devoted. You have a high football IQ, and a great respect for the game. You should know it is noticed by the rest of us.
  1. You signing Osborne, interim or not, ellicited a groan of fear from me.  He's got a tremendous amount of wisdom and respect. He knows how to build a program (obviously), and he's just what you were looking for. While I stick to the fact that there is a moment of the changing of the guard in the Big 12 North, it may just become the most contentious conference in the country. I can already see you guys starting to rebuild after the horrible season you've had to suffer through. And while I want my favorite team to rise to the occasion, I look forward to a genuine rivalry, and seeing your fanbase rewarded (as soon as you sack Callahn. That guy's gotta go.)
  1. So, the rest of you Husker fans, I hope you guys win out (mostly to make our SoS look better, but still). You might want to stop reading this, because it's directed at one guy.

Ze Robertinho.

Oh, where to start?

How about, these, from the last week.

Your upcoming loss--yes loss- to TTech will be offered up next week as exibit 'B'.  Leach invented that spread stuff that you guys are copying and they run it much better than you guys.  Harrell, crabtree, Amendola will have Piggy feeling like he's on 'crazy pills'.

Or... maybe this one.

So, Mizzou is #16 this week in the BCS and that's about where they should be until they prove themselves otherwise.  Brag on for 5 more days....TTech, Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree....OUCH!

OUCH! Indeed.

And when you decided to elaborate...

TTech most underrated team!  They will roll Mizzou by 14+, in Tig's own house, and watch out, their D is coming alive! I think they're a #12-15 team now and wouldn't be surprised at all if they finish in the top 10.  In fact, I would predict it.  They are one dropped pass away from being undefeated, and they've played some good teams.

Well, you were right, Ze.

There was a 14+ spread.

But wait, you thought Tech was going to roll us at the Zou?


41-10. Harrell, Crabtree? Ouch? Yeah, ouch. 10 points. Mizzou ran it up on them. Ran. It. Up.

So if you don't mind, I'd just like to hear your thoughts on the game. Did you confuse Mizzou with Nebraska? Or did you just think that all Big 12 South teams had as easy a time against Mizzou as they do against you?

So after losing a game by 10 after being up 1 in the 3rd against OU, at home, where they are at their best, we throttle the team you thought was a contender for the South.

Yeah, thanks. Have a nice day. Go back to drinking your Wild Turkey, and dreaming of '97.


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